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News from Western Rhythmics Gymnastics Championship 2011!

Congratulation to our athletes, returned from Western Rhythmics Gymnastics Championship 2011!!! Our team performed well in these competitions, almost entirely team, have made the top ten, as well as in each group received one of the top three places.
Jounior Novice:
Kaylie Choi - 2nd place All Around (AA), Karen Hong - 4th place (AA), Lisa Huh - 6th place (AA), Alicia Kiing - 10th place (AA).
Novice: Cindy Huh - 1st place (AA), Carmen Fung - 3rd place (AA).
Pre-Novice: Abigail Burke - 1st place (AA), Megan Mori - 6th place (AA).
Provincial Stream
Level 5C: Miranda Bakonyi - 4th place (AA).
Level 4B: Chloe Sy - 2nd place (AA), Liza Lissovaia - 5th place (AA), Leah Weidman - 8th place (AA), Cindy Lissovaia - 9th place (AA).